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Headshot of David Kinloch poet Welcome to my new website.

Here you wil­l find detai­ls of my poetry collections, academic texts along with relevant links, a small sample of recent poems and details of upcoming events / gigs / projects in which I am involved. ­



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Poetry Reviews:
"His capacity for building larger structures out of individual poems (one of the most memorable aspects of Paris-Forfar) is undiminished: the unspoken barrier of 'Wall' is placed next to a prose-poem on 'The Thresholds of a Scottish Parliament '(“Within the door-stane smeddum of the thresholds of a Scottish Parliament the delicate hyphens pivot, rocking its peoples inwards, outwards to the translated melodies of Carmichael’s blessing”), leading on to a heartbreaking evocation of human solitude in 'The Barrier', echoed by the comic, loving entanglements of the wakeful and sleeping partners in 'Bed'. Such ramifications extend outward from the most straightforward-seeming of these poems, making this a collection whose coherence and pleasurable complexity increase with every reading." - Peter Manson on Un Tour d'Ecosse

Finger of a Frenchman book cover.  Poetry by David Kinloch My new collection from Carcanet is Finger of a Frenchman published April, 2011. In it, you'll find a lot of poems about paintings as well as a longish poem about an eccentric 17th century English cleric called John Bargrave which concerns the issue of collection itself, whether of poems or paintings.

Read one of the poem's from this collection - Rousseau on Ramsay. It's a d­ramatic monologue spoken in the voice of the French philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Finger of a Frenchman can be purchased online from Carcanet: www.carcanet.co.uk

In a review of Finger, Jane Routh wrote: "It's an impressive survey of Scottish/French art and thinking about art. If you start to object this might be a rarefied subject matter, David Kinloch has already beaten you to it in an extended prose spat with one M.de Norvins, batting back more objections than you could think of. Even more impressive is the range of approaches and the wit and intelligence David Kinloch brings to this subject matter. The book as a whole is beautifully constructed to allow ideas and references to echo through the poems. Quite by chance I'm familiar with some of his subject matter already, and there I can see the originality with which he handles his material." Magma, 50.


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